Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Help Wanted: Chesapeake Bay Foundation - PA Grassroots Specialist

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA is seeking qualified individuals to fill the Pennsylvania Grassroots Specialist position which plays a core role in developing an engaged and informed network of community residents, businesses, and organizations along with CBF’s members and volunteers who are positioned to advocate for CBF priorities at the local, county, state, and federal levels.
Working in close collaboration with an interdepartmental team from CBF’s Pennsylvania, Federal, headquarters, and state offices, this position will be focused on cultivating a robust group of advocates from communities and organization. 
Primary focus will be on veterans, hunting and fishing enthusiasts, and agricultural producers in strategic locations. Engagement with local faith-based entities, healthcare professionals, and small businesses will also be cultivated as opportunities arise.
For more on Chesapeake Bay-related issues in Pennsylvania, visit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA webpage.  Click Here to sign up for Pennsylvania updates (bottom of left column).  Click Here to support their work.
Also visit the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership to learn how you can help clean water grow on trees.
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