Monday, December 23, 2019

Foundation For Sustainable Forests Loving The Land Through Working Forests Conference May 16; Foundation Dinner May 15

The Foundation for Sustainable Forests will hold its Loving The Land Through Working Forests Conference on May 16 at Thompsons’ Wood in Centerville Crawford County.
The Foundation will also hold its annual Friends of the Foundation dinner on May 15 at the Iroquois Boating and Fishing Club at Conneaut Lake in Crawford County. 
The keynote presenter at both events will be Dr. Doug Tallamy, a professor of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, who will speak on the topic of “Nature’s Best Hope.”
“Recent headlines about global insect declines, the impending extinction of one million species worldwide, and three billion fewer birds in North America are a bleak reality check about how ineffective our current landscape designs have been at sustaining the plants and animals that sustain us. 
“Such losses are not an option if we wish to continue our current standard of living on Planet Earth. 
“The good news is that none of this is inevitable. Dr. Tallamy will discuss simple steps that each of us can- and must- take to reverse declining biodiversity and will explain why we, ourselves, are nature’s best hope.”
Dr. Tallamy is the author of the acclaimed 2007 book “Bringing Nature Home.”  His newest book, available in February, is titled “Nature’s Best Hope.”
The Foundation thanked Ernst Conservation Seeds for sponsoring Tallamy’s visit.
Visit the Loving The Land Through Working Forests Conference webpage for more information.
Click Here for information on the dinner and other upcoming Foundation events.
For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Foundation For Sustainable Forests website.  Click Here to support their work.
[Posted: December 23, 2019]

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