Friday, November 22, 2019

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority Releases Water Future Plan Update - PGH20 2030 & Beyond

On November 22, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority released a 2019 summary recap of milestones and achievements. The 2019 update builds on the report released last year by the Authority, Pittsburgh’s Water Future: PGH2O 2030 and Beyond.
PGH2O 2030, a 12-year plan for Pittsburgh’s water systems first released in 2018, included plans for drinking water, stormwater projects, and our sewer system. 
The plan laid out Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority’s vision for rebuilding and upgrading these critical systems for the benefit of Pittsburghers today and for generations to come.
PWSA Executive Director Bob Weimar said, “We are proud of the new chapter we’ve started at PWSA and how far we’ve come in the last few years. With the lead line replacement program running ahead of schedule, orthophosphate added to our system to help stop lead corrosion, and major renovations at our Highland Park #1 reservoir and microfiltration water treatment plant, PWSA has accomplished a tremendous amount in 2019. We know there is still so much to do if we want to accomplish the goals we set out in the 2030 plan, but PWSA is accelerating our rate of systemwide improvement and we thank the city of Pittsburgh for continuing to support our efforts to lead us into 2030 and beyond.”
PWSA Board Chair Paul Leger said, “The recent progress we have made in updating a water system that is over 100 years old is nothing short of amazing. PWSA staff have met major milestones despite incredible odds. We will remain focused until we finish this critical work for the benefit of the public.”
Over the past year, PWSA made significant progress on the goals outlined in the PGH2O 2030 plan. Now PWSA is providing a 2019 update, which highlights key projects including:
-- Adding orthophosphate to the drinking water system to lead pipe corrosion.
-- Accelerating lead line replacements.
-- Working collaboratively with the City on pressing stormwater issues.
-- Improving and returning Highland Park Reservoir #1 and microfiltration water treatment plant to service and renewing the Herron Hill Reservoir.
-- Enhancing customer assistance programs.
-- Affirming public ownership of Pittsburgh’s water.
Looking ahead to 2020, PWSA is prepared to deliver even more capital improvement projects to continue to secure our drinking water and rebuild aging sewers. 
As many neighborhoods in the city increasingly face negative impacts from severe storms, PWSA is also stepping up to improve stormwater management. 
 Unmanaged stormwater can lead to a number of environmental, public health and public safety problems, and an innovative, integrated approach will be necessary for Pittsburgh to better manage its stormwater and exceed water quality standards.
Click Here for the 2019 updateClick Here for a copy of the Pittsburgh’s Water Future: PGH2O 2030 and Beyond report.
For more information on programs and initiatives, visit the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority website.
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