Thursday, November 28, 2019

Help The Fourth Pennsylvania Geological Survey Celebrate Its 100th Anniversary Dec. 6

DCNR’s Bureau of Geological Survey, also known as the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the fourth Pennsylvania Geological Survey!
The Pennsylvania Geological Survey has been documenting Pennsylvania’s geology since 1836, always with an eye toward meeting the ever-changing needs of the times.
Pennsylvania has evolved from a state primarily focused on coal and petroleum resources to one where these still-important commodities compete for attention with other concerns, including finding adequate supplies of water, locating resources for construction and pollution remediation, dealing with geologic hazards such as landslides and sinkholes, and even supporting tourism, an important statewide industry.
The survey’s present organization dates to 1919, when it was authorized by the General Assembly “to undertake, conduct, and maintain the organization of a thorough and extended survey of the State, for the purpose of elucidating the geology and topography of the State.”
It also was given the responsibility to “put the results of the survey, with the results of previous surveys, into form convenient for reference.”
The fourth and current survey is charged with undertaking a thorough and extended survey of the geology and topography of the Commonwealth.
The February 1987 issue of Pennsylvania Geology  tells the story of the four surveys.
The public is invited to an open house at the Pennsylvania Geological Survey on December 6, from 9:00 3:00 p.m., at their Middletown office near Harrisburg to celebrate their anniversary and learn more about what they do for the Commonwealth and our natural resources.
There will be an official building tours at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., and exhibits throughout the building, as well as talks on their research.
State Geologist Dr. Gale C. Blackmer, the Director of the Bureau of Geological Survey, will be speaking about the history of the survey for a lunchtime talk at 12:30 p.m.
The location of the Middletown office is 3240 Schoolhouse Road, Middletown, PA 17057.
Please RSVP to Kristen Hand by sending email to: or call  717–702–2046, if you plan to attend the open house and celebration.
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(Reprinted from Nov. 27 DCNR Resource newsletter. Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)
[November 28, 2019]

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