Wednesday, November 20, 2019

December 6 Youth #ClimateStrike - Show Up At The Doorsteps Of Elected Officials - What Is Your Plan?

On December 6th, as world leaders gather at the United Nation’s annual climate conference, young people across America will join a national #ClimateStrike to take the momentum from September Climate Strike to the doorsteps of elected officials.
In September, many politicians shared nice words of encouragement. But, the Sunrise Movement didn’t encourage students to walk out of school and work to earn their praise. 
Students joined the #ClimateStrike because they believe their lives depend on elected leaders treating this crisis like the emergency it is.
On December 6th, the Sunrise Movement is encouraging young people to show up at the offices of political leaders and ask them, are you ready to stand with our generation?
Visit the Sunrise Movement website for more information and find events near you or Follow them on Facebook
NewsClips From September  #ClimateStrike:
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[Posted: November 20, 2019]

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