Thursday, May 23, 2019

CBF-PA: Pennsylvania's Rivers And Streams Need Your Help! Urge Legislators To Make Critical Investments In Clean Water Now!

On May 22, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA issued this call to action to help restore Pennsylvania's rivers and streams all across the state.
Pennsylvania's health, economy, and way of life depend on healthy rivers and clean streams. And while the Commonwealth's waterways have improved since the release of its Clean Water Blueprint in 2010, critical work remains, and a crippling funding shortfall threatens to stunt clean water progress.
The Commonwealth's latest draft Clean Water blueprint comes up woefully short of what it will take to restore Pennsylvania's creeks and streams.
What's more, an enormous funding gap to implement a clean water plan presents a major obstacle, as the annual shortfall approaches nearly $257 million.
And although the plan contains several proposed funding sources, none have been passed.
Nothing less than the future of Pennsylvania's waterways is at stake. Leaving a legacy of clean water to future generations depends on fixing this draft before it is finalized.
And paramount to fixing this plan is funding it.
Take action now and tell your state legislators that you want to see the latest clean water plan meet Pennsylvania's obligations for a healthy watershed.
Urge them to make critical investments in clean water now!
(Photo: Not an approved stormwater pollution reduction practice.)
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