Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition Needs Volunteer Data Loggers In Butler County

Data Logger volunteers are needed in the Slippery Rock and Boyers area of Butler County by the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition.
If you’ve been wanting to volunteer to help improve the watershed but haven’t been sure how to get involved, this is an excellent opportunity to help in an easy but very much needed and valuable way!
What exactly IS a Data Logger, you may ask? Data Loggers are compact, electronic devices with internal microprocessors, storage, and data sensors.
They are used to monitor and record various environmental parameters. These awesome instruments of science can be programmed to take measurements of multiple water quality parameters (such as temperature and conductivity) set to record information at regular intervals, for up to years at a time, unattended.
We are seeking volunteers interested in becoming “citizen scientists” who would download the water quality data from the Data Loggers from time to time so it can be analyzed.
This information gives us an idea of the quantity of dissolved materials in the water to help ascertain the functioning of passive treatment systems and alert us to any problems or adjustments that may be needed.
Taking information from the Data Loggers is a short and simple process. An SRWC volunteer will provide anyone interested in helping with a quick and easy training session. After that, it’s just a matter of visiting the sites (on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis) where the Data Loggers have been set up.
A technical background is not necessary to help with the Data Loggers, and we hope to attract some new volunteers to help us out in this endeavor. Once trained, volunteers can collect the water quality data at their convenience.
All that’s needed is the ability to walk/hike a bit outdoors and a desire to help. It’s a great learning opportunity that would also look good on a resume! If you are interested, please contact Shaun at 724-776-0161 or send email to:  
For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition website.
(Photo: Kirk Brethauer and his daughter, Marina, download data from the data logger located in Slippery Rock Creek.)

(Reprinted from the January issue of The Catalyst newsletter form the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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