Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Senate, House Appropriations Committees Complete Agency Budget Hearing Schedule

On December 18, the Senate Appropriations Committee released its agency by agency budget hearing schedule, one week after the House.  The combined schedule follows for general budget, environmental and energy-related programs--
February 11-- House: 10:00- Independent Fiscal Office, 1:00- Dept. of Revenue/Lottery
February 13-- House: 10:00- State Treasurer, 1:00- Auditor General, 3:00- Attorney General
February 14-- House: 10:00- Dept. of Environmental Protection, 1:00- Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
February 19-- Senate: 10::00- Dept. of Revenue/Lottery, 1:00- Independent Fiscal Office, 3:00- Public Utility Commission
February 21-- Senate: 1:00- State Police/Homeland Security, 3:00- PA Emergency Management Agency/Fire Commissioner
February 25-- House: 10:00- State Police/Homeland Security, 3:00- Dept. of Health
February 25-- Senate: 3:00- Dept. of Transportation
February 26-- House: 1:00- Dept. of Transportation, 3:00- Dept. of General Services
February 27-- House: 1:00- Dept. of Community & Economic Development
February 27-- Senate: 10:00- Dept. of Health
February 28-- Senate: 3:00- Dept. of Environmental Protection
March 4-- House: 10:00- Dept. of Education
March 4-- Senate: 3:00- Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources
March 5-- House: 10:00- Dept. of Agriculture
March 6-- House: 10:00- Governor’s Budget Secretary
March 6-- Senate: 1:00- Dept. of Agriculture
March 7-- House: Open.
March 7-- Senate: 1:00- Dept. of Community & Economic Development, 3:00- Budget Secretary
All House hearings are in Room 140 of the Main Capitol Building and are typically webcast through the House Republican Caucus website. Click Here for the full schedule.
All Senate hearings are in Hearing Room 1, North Office Building and are typically webcast through the Senate Appropriations Committee webpage. Click Here for the full schedule.
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