Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Northeast Recycling Council Holds Spring Conference In Wilmington, DE March 20-21

The Northeast Recycling Council will hold its Spring Conference in Wilmington, Delaware March 20-21 with the theme closing the recycling loop and building demand for mixed paper, mixed plastics, and glass.
Michael Hoffman, Financial Analyst of Stifel, will deliver the keynote address.  Mr. Hoffman will present an assessment of the impact of the domestic and global economy on recycling commodities in the near and distant future.  
The Conference will continue with Jordan Tony, Sustainability Consultant with More Recycling, who will talk about recycled plastic resins that US-based manufacturers are using and the products they manufacture with them.  
Mr. Tony will be followed by two additional industry experts who will present on how manufacturers are using recycled paper and cullet.
Three additional sessions will focus on how industry sectors are addressing post-consumer recycled content (PCR) in their products--
-- Liz Bedard of the Association of Plastics Recyclers will talk about the importance of recognizing manufacturers that are proactive about using PCR materials.
-- Brian Hawkinson, Executive Director of Recovered Fiber, AF&PA will speak about their perspective on the paper industry’s use of PCR.  
-- Will Sagar, Executive Director of SERDC will talk about the economics of the glass recycling industry and the potential for demand-driven initiatives.
-- Herb Northrup, Chief Operating Officer of Aero Aggregates will speak about the decision of their company to base its business model on the use of cullet.   
A session about government strategies that have affected the use of PCR in the U.S. will follow.  Garth Hickle, an independent consultant and one of the session presenters, will speak about the impact of Extended Producer Responsibility on building demand for post-consumer recycled materials.
To register or for more information, visit the Northeast Recycling Council Spring Conference webpage.

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