Friday, December 21, 2018

DCNR Publishes Final Changes To PA Native Wild Plant Regulations

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources published final changes to the Conservation of Pennsylvania Native Wild Plant regulations in the December 22 PA Bulletin (page 7757).  The changes finalize the updated list of wild plants that are endangered, threatened or rare regulated under the Wild Resource Conservation Act.
DCNR made no changes to the list of species as originally proposed.
DCNR now includes 582  species on the Native Wild Plant list because they are a conservation concern.  Before these changes there were a total of 604 plants on this list.
DCNR is making 51 classification changes, including: 9 currently unclassified plant species proposed to be newly classified and added to the list; 11 currently classified plant species proposed to be reclassified to another part of the list; 31 currently classified plant species that are proposed to be declassified.
The changes the scientific names of 79 plants to the modern nomenclature.
This list of plants is used as part of the review process for DEP environmental permits and will, when finalized, be incorporated into the PA Natural Diversity Inventory and DCNR’s online permit review and planning tool Conservation Explorer.
Click Here for a fact sheet on the changes.
Click Here for a copy of the final regulation-- beginning on page 7757.  Questions should be directed to Rebecca Bowen, Chief, Ecological Services, DCNR Bureau of Forest at 717-787-3444 or send email to:
Visit DCNR’s PA Natural Heritage Program webpage for more information on this program.
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(Photo: Ratibida pinnata (Vent.) Barnhard - Gray-Headed Prairie Coneflower is now listed as endangered.)

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