Friday, November 17, 2017

Wildlife For Everyone Hosts Visit To Tom Ridge & Julian Wetlands Restoration Project In Centre County

DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell and Northcentral Regional Director Marcus Kohl Friday visited the Tom Ridge and Julian Wetlands in Centre County to tour the site and discuss planned environmental recreation improvements with representatives from the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation.
The wetlands were created by PennDOT to mitigate environmental impacts of the Interstate 99 highway project. Once completed, the 135-acre site, including 55 acres of wetlands, was gifted to the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation, which was selected to provide long-term stewardship of the property.
“This wetland mitigation project has been very successful and now hosts a variety of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and plant species,” said McDonnell. “Wetlands are often underappreciated, but they are some of our most important and multi-functional landscapes. In addition to providing crucial habitat, wetlands also deliver ecosystem services, such as stormwater interception, water purification, groundwater recharge, flood protection, and carbon storage.”
The Foundation is working to create a fully-accessible outdoor learning space and nature observatory to provide the public with an opportunity to connect with nature. Plans for the site include a wildlife center and a mile-long, handicapped-accessible trail with wildlife observation and fishing areas.
“I look forward to returning to this site when this vision is fully realized, and one more vital service is provided here—a place where everyone can connect with and learn about nature,” said McDonnell.
The mission of the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation is to promote wildlife conservation and education in Pennsylvania. Upon acquisition of the property, the foundation dedicated the land to former Pennsylvania governor and honorary board member Tom Ridge.  

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