Thursday, November 30, 2017

Montour Run Watershed Assn Supports Local Efforts To Reduce Stormwater Pollution

The Montour Run Watershed Association board of directors in Allegheny County Tuesday adopted a proclamation supporting the efforts of local governments to reduce water pollution from stormwater runoff.
The Association was formed in 2000 to address abandoned mine drainage and expanded its concerns to urban runoff and storm sewers.  These sources of pollution are the primary cause of water quality impairment in the watershed.
The proclamation is designed to focus more attention on the stormwater pollution issue and support efforts by local governments to address this critical problem.
The text of the proclamation follows--
Whereas: The Montour Run Watershed Association (MRWA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was created, in part, to protect Montour Run’s natural values.
Whereas: Stormwater surges originating within the Montour Run watershed, as well as all watersheds, can be detrimental to the stream ecology, including its channel, banks, vegetation and aquatic species through scouring, erosion and sedimentation and in addition, can threaten infrastructures such as bridges, roadways, trails, buildings and homes.
Whereas: Stormwater flows are exacerbated when natural ground absorbing environs such as forested and vegetated areas are replaced by more impervious materials such as concrete, asphalt, shingles, etc. and are permitted to directly flow to receiving streams unimpeded.  
Whereas: Anthropogenic, or man-made, surface water runoff creates increased volumes and peak flows of waters in Montour Run and its tributaries throughout the watershed.  This phenomenon occurs in all watersheds where precautions and protections are not taken to control the surge of storm waters.
Whereas: Uncontrolled surface water runoff is recognized by the scientific community as contributing to increased occurrence and severity of flooding resulting in increased public and private costs as well as an increased potential threat to public safety.
Whereas: Recognizing this problem, Federal and state governments are turning to local governments to address this issue.  In Pennsylvania, this work is known as the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permits or MS4.
Therefore, the Montour Run Watershed Association hereby proclaims its support to the local governments embodied in the Montour Run Watershed and encourages the local government leaders to take thoughtful and thorough actions within their respective jurisdictions that will protect receiving streams from anthropogenic storm water surges; especially Montour Run, a natural resource considered a critical asset to our regional quality of life.
For more information on the projects, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Montour Run Watershed Association website.  Click Here to support their work.
(Photo: North Fork Mine Drainage Treatment Project, Montour Run.)

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