Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Rep. Reed: Natural Gas Severance Tax Not Part Of Budget Discussion

House Majority Leader David Reed (R-Indiana) told the media just after lunch the House plans to try to move the Fiscal Code bill-- House Bill 674 (Bernstine-R- Beaver)-- as is and get it to the Governor without changes, although there are things in there they are not thrilled about he said.  Click Here for bill summary.
The second focus is the Capital Budget debt bill-- House Bill 785 (Saylor-R-York)-- that establishes limits on the amount of debt incurred by the state for Capital Budget projects now back in the House after Senate changes Monday.  
Rep. Reed said they plan to amend the bill and sent it back to the Senate.  He said he understands the Senate will approve it and send it to the Governor.
On the Tax Code Bill-- House Bill 542 (Thomas-D- Philadelphia)-- Rep. Reed said they are waiting to see what the Senate does, but they have no plans to move funding bills for the state-related universities absent the Tax Code bill.
On gaming, Rep. Reed was rather vague. He said they are waiting to see what the Senate does on a gaming bill--  House Bill 271 (Ortitay-R- Allegheny) (probably).
He noted the Senate also has the Education Code bill-- House Bill 178 (Day-R-Berks)-- to act on.
Rep. Reed confirmed the natural gas production severance tax bill-- House Bill 1401 (DiGirolamo-R- Bucks)-- is not part of the budget discussions and did not give a specific timeline for consideration.  
He said there are over 300 amendments have been filed to the bill so they will have to be discussed in Caucus and ultimately on the Floor through what he expected to be a lengthy amendment process.
(Based on Periscope app webcast of Rep. Reed’s remarks by PLS Reporter.)

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