Monday, October 23, 2017

Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Station Begins Planned Refueling Outage

Just after midnight on Sunday, operators at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in York County removed Unit 3 from service to refuel the reactor and perform maintenance to ensure a reliable 24-month operating cycle.
“Today marks the end of another breaker-to-breaker run for Peach Bottom. The Unit 3 reactor has been online, producing carbon-free electricity 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for 731 days,” said Peach Bottom Site Vice President Pat Navin.
While the unit is offline, technicians will replace nearly one-third of the reactor’s secure, onsite fuel and perform nearly 10,000 inspections, tests and maintenance activities to ensure the reactor continues to operate safely and reliably. Many of the tasks performed during the outage cannot be accomplished while the unit is online.
To support this work, approximately 1,800 travelling contractors and union craftspeople are onsite in Delta, PA. While in the area, those workers patronize local merchants, spending money at hotels, restaurants and stores.
“Peach Bottom’s refueling outages deliver a major economic boost for our business. Travelers stay in our motel and eat at both of our restaurants. The extra business really helps and has a big impact our local economy,” said Peach Bottom Inn Owner & General Manager Roula Skouras.
Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station is a dual-unit nuclear power plant located on the west bank of the Conowingo Pond (Susquehanna River) in York County. The station’s two boiling water reactors are capable of powering more than 2.25 million homes and businesses. Both reactors began commercial operation in 1974.
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