Thursday, July 13, 2017

DCNR Finalizes Survey Results from ATV Enthusiasts

At the end of last year, DCNR conducted an online public survey to better gauge ATV use across Pennsylvania and plan for future riding opportunities in the state.
The survey received 4,679 responses -- 90 percent came from Pennsylvania residents, and the other 10 percent were from out-of-state residents, which included New York, Maryland, and Ohio.
The survey found that the favorite riding areas of ATV riders across the state are:  Private lands; Allegheny National Forest; Rock Run Recreation Area; and Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.
Major survey findings include:
-- Although the number of registered ATVs has declined since 2003, more riding opportunities exist now than previously. In 2003, many people were riding on private land and the chief public opportunities were the Allegheny National Forest and state forests. Now, there are many more public locations available, including Rock Run, Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, Whiskey Springs, and Bloody Skillet.
-- Satisfaction with ATV opportunities in the commonwealth has increased. In 2003, 45 percent indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with existing riding opportunities. This increased to 60 percent in the current study. The increase in riding opportunities has improved riders’ outlook.
-- The riders still have needs and desires for improvements to their sport. In terms of trail amenities, new trails continue to be the number one desire (increasing from a ranking of 4.3 to 4.6). Enhancement of trail systems, access to secondary roads, and maintaining existing trails also continue to receive support.
-- The importance of long trails (greater than 50 miles) rose from a rating of 3.7 in 2003 to 4.1, showing an increased desire for more extensive activities among today’s riders.
-- Web-based and social media information sources are growing in importance to riders.
Click Here for a copy of the full survey results.
The survey results will be used to inform the statewide ATV study currently being completed by Moshier Studio and Pashek Associates.
The study will research and identify opportunities to partner with local governments, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations to create and develop new ATV parks, trails, and facilities to meet the needs of ATV owners.
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(Reprinted from the July 12 edition of the DCNR Resource newsletter.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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