Friday, July 21, 2017

IFO Projects Increase In Drilling Impact Fee Revenue For Coming Year

The Independent Fiscal Office Thursday released its updated Act 13 drilling impact fee report and projections for next year which concluded revenues could increase from $8.7 million to $49 million depending on the price of natural gas and how many new gas wells are “spud” or put into production.
This year the drilling impact fee resulted in $173.2 million in revenue, the lowest since the fee started to be collected in 2013-- $225.7 million.
The projections by IFO say the fee could yield from $181.9 million to $222.2 million, nearly record revenue.
The Act 13 fee program has been hit with an adverse Commonwealth Court decision in March which would reduce Act 13 fee revenue another $16 million per year.  The PUC appealed the ruling in April and Rep. Pam Snyder (D-Fayette) introduced House Bill 1283 to fix the program legislatively, if needed.
Click Here for a copy of the IFO study.

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