Friday, July 21, 2017

Comments Invited On Revised DEP General Permit On Pesticide Application

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice in the July 22 PA Bulletin of proposed significant revisions to the NPDES General Permit covering point source discharges from the application of pesticides (PAG-15).  
The draft PAG-15 General Permit includes the following proposed significant changes in comparison to the existing PAG-15 General Permit--
-- Annual Report: The existing General Permit requires submission of an annual report to the Department by January 28th of each year. The draft General Permit would extend the due date to March 1st. In addition, the Department has revised the annual report template.
-- Coverage: The Department is proposing that after coverage under the General Permit is authorized, coverage will continue without the need to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) for renewal of coverage as long as the permittee complies with the terms and conditions of the PAG-15 General Permit currently in effect, unless the Department specifically requires the submission of an NOI in writing.
-- Fee Increase: The existing General Permit NOI fee is $250. The proposed NOI fee for coverage under the General Permit is $500 per year the permittee operates under the General Permit. The NOI fee will be paid in installments due at the time the annual report is due, with the initial fee of $500 submitted with the NOI for permit coverage and an installment of $500 to be submitted with the annual report, if the permittee does not wish to terminate permit coverage.
A copy of the proposal can be found on DEP’s eComment webpage and comments can be posted to that same page. Comments are due August 21.

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