Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rep. Godshall: Christmas Ode To Our Legislators

Rep. Bob Godshall (R-Montgomery) posted this poem on his office door in the Capitol found by PA Legislative Services:

Christmas Ode To Our Legislators
by Duke Daminski, Philadelphia Evening Bulletin

Like a ship without a rudder,
Like a bird with half a wing,
There is nothing now before us,
That you could not have done last Spring.

You have played around all Summer,
Raced your motors all through Fall,
And soon it will be Winter
And you’re still not on the ball.

You have maddened your constituents,
Sapped our strength and left us weak,
Fellows, all we want for christmas
Is to get you home next week.

From the General Assembly Legislative Journal, page 6204, December 13, 1951.

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