Thursday, December 31, 2015

DEP: Natural Gas, Coal Bed Methane Emission Reports Due March 1

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice in the January 2, 2016 PA Bulletin natural gas and coal bed methane emissions must be reported for calendar year 2015 by March 1.
This is the fourth year DEP has required natural gas and coal bed methane reporting.
The sources and activities required to report emissions include, but are not limited to, midstream compressor stations, pigging operations, dehydration units, drill rigs, heaters, pneumatic pumps, stationary engines, simple cycle turbines, natural gas-driven pneumatic controllers, pneumatic pumps, fugitive sources, storage vessels/tanks, venting, blowdown systems, well heads and well completions.
Fugitive sources include connectors, flanges, pump lines, pump seals and valves. The storage vessels/tanks category includes storage tanks, pressurized vessels, impoundments and central impoundments.
For more information, contact Karen Gee, Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Air Quality, Air Information Section, P. O. Box 8468, Harrisburg PA 17105-8468, call 717-783-9241 or send email to:
Visit DEP’s Natural Gas/Coal Bed Methane Gas Operations webpage for the results of past emission reporting.

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