Thursday, December 17, 2015

PEMA: Give The Gift Of Preparedness This Holiday Season

While severe winter weather has stayed away from Pennsylvania so far this winter, emergencies can happen at any time. State officials say now is a good time to consider giving loved ones the gift of emergency preparedness this year.
“Start with some of the basics of a home emergency kit – a first aid kit, a hand-crank radio or flashlight, and canned goods are a solid foundation for loved ones to then customize their own family emergency kit,” said Richard D. Flinn Jr., director of the PA Emergency Management Agency. “You can also include copies of a family kit checklist, so they can then add items specific to their family’s needs, such as baby or pet supplies, or specialized medical equipment.”
Flinn said that many people think of winter as a time to be prepared for emergencies due to bad weather, but emergencies can happen at any time. Flinn said history shows that in the immediate aftermath of an emergency, first responders will not be able to reach everyone right away.
“We all have a personal responsibility to do what we can to be as self-sufficient as possible during an emergency,” Flinn said. “Emergency kits for your home that enable you to survive without outside assistance for at least three days are a good way to build resiliency in your home and community.”
Flinn said supplies for emergency car kits are another thoughtful gift this holiday season. Small items like spare electronics chargers or a small flashlight with batteries are perfect stocking stuffers. Other items to include are a first aid kit, basic auto repair tools, food and water, and in winter, warm items like a blanket, hats and gloves.
They should include basics like a first aid kit, basic auto repair tools, spare cell phone chargers, and in winter, a blanket.
Free downloadable family emergency plan templates and emergency kit checklists are available online.
Information is also available by downloading the free ReadyPA app for Apple or Android devices. Follow @ReadyPA on Twitter, or visit the Ready PA Facebook page and click “Like” for other helpful emergency preparedness information.

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