Thursday, October 22, 2015

Worley & Obetz New Biodiesel Heating Oil Burns Cleaner Than Natural Gas

Central Pennsylvania-based Worley & Obetz Thursday announced the transition of their bioheating oil to Ultra-Bioheat®, an ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) blended with biodiesel.
This is the best fuel option on the market for customers as it reduces air emissions, burns cleaner than natural gas, improves system performance, and is a domestic product.
Worley & Obetz has been at the forefront of bioheating oil for over 10 years, and the introduction of Ultra-Bioheat® to its customers is the latest way Worley & Obetz is a leader in innovation, remaining the only local company first to offer this product.
“We are proud to add Ultra-Bioheat® to the heating options available to our customers, because we believe that it represents Worley & Obetz’s commitment to domestically-produced and alternative fuel sources. We hope that the local community will appreciate and take advantage of having the cleanest burning Ultra-Bioheat® fuel available locally,”  said Jeff Lyons, President/CEO, Worley & Obetz
Worley & Obetz is transitioning customers to Ultra-Bioheat® as a way to lower maintenance needs for customers, improve system efficiency, and reduce the air pollution that result from heating systems.
There are great benefits to the reduced levels of sulfur in using Ultra-Bioheat®. When burned, sulfur creates soot, scaling and reduces efficiency. Taking sulfur out of fuel alleviates problems for equipment, prolongs the life of heat exchangers, and improves heating efficiency.
Worley & Obetz’s Ultra-Bioheat® will not only benefit customers, but it will benefit the community by reducing sulfur dioxide by 75 percent, particulate matter by 80 percent, nitrous oxide by 10 percent and carbon dioxide by 2 percent.
The best news about this new heating oil is that customers will not need any system modifications, because Ultra-Bioheat® is safe to use with existing heating equipment and tanks.
For more information, visit the Ultra-Bioheat® webpage on the Worley & Obetz website.

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