Friday, October 23, 2015

Patriot-News Series Looks At Marcellus Shale Development In PA

The Patriot-News this week did a special series of more than a dozen articles on Marcellus Shale natural gas development in Pennsylvania called, “The Shale Bargain.”
The series looked at environmental and economic impacts, specific enforcement, safety and pollution issues as well as infrastructure issues like pipelines needed to bring the gas to market.
Many of the issues raised on enforcement and impacts have already been debated and responded to by DEP and others over the years and the articles included those responses.
There are still a lot of issues, impacts or concerns that have resulted from Marcellus Shale development, but there just wasn’t a lot of totally new information in the series for those who were paying attention.
The articles basically put much of the information we do know in one place and in some cases went into the issues in a little more depth.
Here are links to all the stories--
Following Articles:
The Real Shale Bargain: Lowering Consumer Costs, Jobs, Improving Environment

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