Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chambersburg Offering Free Street Trees To Residents

For a limited time, the Chambersburg Borough Shade Tree Commission in Franklin County is offering free trees to residents in certain neighborhoods in Chambersburg.
Trees are in short supply in parts of Wards 2, 3, 4 and 5. This program is a partnership with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.
The Borough of Chambersburg is offering free trees to property owners to help beautify these neighborhoods. Property owners in these neighborhoods may apply for a tree via an online form, hard copies, can also be printed out and mailed to the Borough or by calling the Borough at 717­-261-­3254; applications will be accepted through November 6.
“There’s no cost for you to have us visit your property and answer all your questions,” said Borough Secretary Jamia Wright. “If you like what you hear, we’ll do all the hard work to get that tree in the ground for you.”
Upon receipt of an application, a member of the Shade Tree Commission will meet with the property owner to select the planting location and tree species. A professional landscaper will plant the tree at no cost to the property owner.
Once planting is complete, the property owner becomes responsible for care and maintenance of the tree, including adequate watering. Instructions will be provided.
The trees being offered are “Street Trees,” meaning that they will be planted between the street and 3­ to 8 feet behind the sidewalk. Additionally, the trees will be several feet tall and will have an immediate aesthetic impact on the property.
The program partners encourage everyone who owns property in the selected neighborhoods to apply.
New trees will beautify local neighborhoods, increase property values, and help reduce air, water and noise pollution. Planting a tree is also a great way to commemorate a birth, a graduation, a wedding, or some other special occasion in your life.
This is a program of the Borough of Chambersburg, the Borough’s Shade Tree Commission and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. Partial funding for the effort has been provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds.
Questions and requests for more information should be directed to Jamia Wright, Chambersburg Borough Secretary, at 717-­261­-3254 or send email to:

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