Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What’s The Status Of Governor’s Nominees For DEP, DCNR, Agriculture?

The Senate has 25 session days (not calendar days) to take a vote on the Governor’s nominees to fill cabinet positions.
The Executive Calendar of the Senate shows that on April 13, the next scheduled session day, the nominations for John Quigley at DEP, Cindy Dunn at DCNR and Russell Redding at Agriculture will be on day 9.  (Officially, the paperwork for each nomination was accepted by the Senate on February 4.)
This means the Senate, based on the schedule of session days, has until June 9 to take a vote on the nominees.
Each of the Governor’s nominees are now in the process of meeting with each of the 49 members of the Senate, which is a traditional part of the “advise and consent” process with the Senate.
When a nominee completes a sufficient number of meetings with Senators, usually all of them, the oversight committee, in this case the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee for DEP and DCNR and the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee for Agriculture will hold a public hearing with the nominee.
No confirmation hearings have yet been scheduled by either committee.

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