Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sustainable Pittsburgh: SW Sustainable Communities Invited To Host Cash Mob

Sustainable Pittsburgh Thursday announced a new opportunity that awards a community’s sustainability efforts through its Champions for Sustainability (C4S) business network.   The deadline to apply is April 10.
Communities are invited to apply to host a cash mob, for which Sustainable Pittsburgh provides logistical and promotional support to draw attention and customers to business districts and sustainable small businesses in the community.
A cash mob is a group of people that assembles to shop at small, local businesses on a particular day.  Cash mobs can increase customers, sales, and regional exposure for small businesses.  Sustainable Pittsburgh organizes cash mobs in partnership with local communities to support the community’s leadership in sustainability efforts.
Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Champions for Sustainability program has organized three cash mobs over the past 18 months.  At Cash Mob Carnegie, over 80 percent of participating businesses doubled their customers and sales, and at Cash Mob Ambridge, 100 percent of participating businesses reported increased exposure due to publicity for the event.  
Previous cash mobs also received significant earned media attention.
How To Apply
Business district leaders; chamber of commerce representatives; borough managers; or a community member representing a local organization, community group, business or government entity are all eligible to apply.  
In order to be selected as the host community for the cash mob, the applicant must be located in a municipality that has completed Sustainable Pittsburgh's Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification, at least three businesses in the community must have earned Sustainable Pittsburgh's Sustainable Small Business Designation, and the community has demonstrated ongoing sustainability initiatives.
The cash mob will take place in the selected community in June 2015.  More information, including the application, is available on Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Champions for Sustainability website.  
Questions should be direct to Sahar Arbab at 412-258-6652 or by email to:

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