Thursday, December 22, 2022

York Conservation District: Residents To Benefit From Better Stormwater Plans, Faster Permit Approvals

York County Conservation District (YCCD) has adopted a new initiative to improve water quality in local streams, reduce flooding of properties located downslope of new construction activities, and provide for faster plan approvals at the local level. 

To achieve this goal, YCCD recently secured a delegation agreement from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to increase its role in Post Construction Stormwater Management (PCSM) and launched a voluntary “Streamlined Plan Review Process”.

As part of the delegation agreement, YCCD successfully passed an Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control (E&S) Program evaluation conducted by DEP and employed a full-time licensed Professional Engineer. 

YCCD’s Professional Engineer will conduct technical reviews of the PCSM plans submitted to YCCD to ensure the plans meet PA Chapter 102 regulatory requirements. 

Projects disturbing one acre or more of land are required by statewide regulations to develop and implement a PCSM plan. 

In addition to the increased capacity to conduct technical reviews of PCSM plans, YCCD will increase our stormwater education and outreach efforts with the regulated community and local municipal partners.

YCCD also recently developed an in-house “Streamlined Plan Review Process” allowing general permits that meet certain criteria to have their E&S and PCSM plan submittals reviewed and approved in an expedited manner. 

The streamlined process is voluntary and requires no additional review fees to participate. 

Landowners who plan to build a new home, barn, or other construction project that disturbs more than one acre of land may elect to participate in the streamlined plan review process. 

Landowners participating in the Streamlined Plan Review Process should expect to obtain general permit approvals within 30 business days of YCCD receiving a permit application if there are no technical plan deficiencies or within 60 business days if there are only minor deficiencies.

“By having more engagement initially and with a higher quality plan submitted, it is expected to be a win-win scenario for landowners, YCCD, and the building industry,” said Jeff Hill, YCCD District Manager.

York County President Commissioner and YCCD Director Julie Wheeler has been instrumental in securing both the PCSM Delegation Agreement and the Streamlined Plan Review Process.

Commissioner Wheeler stated “Having the ability to maintain economic growth while conserving our natural resources are key factors in building a better York County. I look forward to seeing these new efforts take off in 2023.”

Visit the York County Conservation District website for more information.

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[Posted: December 22, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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