Saturday, November 26, 2022

Better Path Coalition Invites Submissions For ‘Worth Protecting’ Photo Book For New Governor, Legislators

What do you think is worth protecting? It’s the question the
Better Path Coalition is asking for a photo book called “Worth Protecting” the group plans to deliver to the new governor and every legislator in January. 

People from across the state are invited to submit up to five photos of the people, critters, places, and things they think are worth protecting from climate change and environmental devastation.

The book’s delivery will occur around January 27, or 1/27. The date is a nod to Article 1, Section 27, the Pennsylvania constitution’s Environmental Rights Amendment. 

The date also falls shortly after the new governor and members of the legislature pledge to uphold the constitution, including that amendment. 

The delivery date will be finalized when the calendar for the next session is announced.

Photos can be submitted online by December 1 via a Google form

The team working on the book asks that you submit high resolution versions of your photos. For example, a file size of 2MB is high resolution and a file size of 20KB is low resolution. 

Questions should be directed to:

For information on initiatives, upcoming events and more, visit the Better Path Coalition website.

[Posted: November 26, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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