Thursday, November 17, 2022

Beaver County Residents, Allies Launch New Shell Ethane Plant Accountability Campaign With Nov. 21 Webinar

Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Community and Earthworks will host a November 21 online kickoff to launch a new BCMAC/Eyes On Shell Accountability Project starting at 7:00 p.m.

The Shell Plastic Plant went into operation this week but residents and their allies are still waiting for Shell to fulfill their promise to be a good neighbor and address residents’ concerns.

Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Community (BCMAC) along with Earthworks and more than 10 local, national and international allies are launching a new Shell accountability campaign to demand Shell commit to being a good neighbor and address the To-Do List of concerns.

"With the plant now fully operational it is more important than ever that Shell addresses the to-do list of 20 concerns and fulfill their promise to be a good neighbor," said anaïs peterson, petrochemicals campaigner, Earthworks. "BCMAC, through their Eyes on Shell Watchdog Team, and allies will continue to build power with our community to hold Shell accountable."

BCMAC/Eyes On Shell and allies have developed a to-do list of 6 categories with over 20 community expectations for transparency and accountability. The list was shared with Shell three times and the company has yet to provide a satisfactory response to the demands.

Click Here to register for the November 21 webinar.

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[Posted: November 17, 2022] PA Environment Digest

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