Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sunday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 10.30.22

Are You Telling Your Story?

Senate returns to session November 15 [Adjourn for year]

     -- Committee Schedule

House returns to session November 14, 15, 16 [Adjourn for year]

     -- Committee Schedule

TODAY’s Calendar Of Events 


-- 76 New Stories - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA  [PaEN]


-- Environment & Energy Educational Opportunities For Students And Adults  [PaEN]


-- Top 10 Stories: Harrisburg/PA Politics Reported By Local News Media Last Week  [PaEN]

-- TribLive: Homeowners Brace For Winter As Prices To Heat Homes Skyrocket, Biggest Spike Is For Natural Gas - More Than 34% Increase 

-- Post-Gazette - Anya Litvak: Solar Energy Becoming Mainstream For PA Utilities - The Cheapest Form Of Electric Generation You Can Build [And There Is Zero Fuel Cost] 


-- WSJ: Tougher Federal Rules On Methane Leaks Coming, But Conventional Oil & Gas Wells That Are Responsible For 80%+ Of Leaks Might Catch A Break  [PA Examples]  


-- DelcoTimes Letter: Many Questions About Proposed LNG Export Terminal In Chester, Delaware County - PA League Of Women Voters


-- MCall: It’s Easy To Be Green At Bethlehem’s New Verde Store


-- LancasterOnline - Ad Crable: Sizing Up The Daunting Thousand Steps Trail In Huntingdon County, One Of PA’s Most Unique Pathways  


-- LancasterOnline: Manor Twp. To Host Nov. 7 Full-Moon Bike Ride On New Enola Low Grade Rail Trail Across The Safe Harbor Trestle Bridge


-- Post-Gazette - John Hayes: Great Allegheny Passage Trail Section Temporarily Closed To Drain Eagle Lake In Allegheny County


6th Oil/Natural Gas Spike: True Energy Independence Means Renewables

[There Is No Limit To What Oil/Natural Gas Industry Can Make You Pay]


-- TribLive: Homeowners Brace For Winter As Prices To Heat Homes Skyrocket, Biggest Spike Is For Natural Gas - More Than 34% Increase


American Rescue Plan Funding


-- $11 Billion In Federal American Rescue Plan Funding To PA State Government, Local Governments Has Yet To Be Invested.  What’s Your Community Doing?


Other States/National/International

-- Inside Climate News: With Fossil Fuel Companies Facing Pressure To Reduce Carbon Emissions, Private Equity Is Buying Up Their Aging Oil, Natural Gas And Coal Assets 

PA Politics - Everything Is Connected

-- Meadville Tribune: Defense Requests Jan. Trial Date For Meadville Man Charged With Crimes - Using A Bike Rack To Injure Police Officer During Assault On U.S. Capitol

-- Post-Gazette: Battle For Catholic Vote Inflames PA Governor’s Race

-- AP: Dr. Oz, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Mastriano: An Awkward Pair Atop PA’s Republican Ticket

-- Post-Gazette - Salena Zito: Diverse Voters Who Confound Media Categories Will Determine Midterm Election Success

-- Post-Gazette Editorial: Despite Turbulent U.S. Senate Race, Dr. Oz Better Prepared To Lead

-- AP: No, Pennsylvania Didn’t Send 255,000 Mail-In Ballots To ‘Unverified’ Voters

-- PA Capital-Star Guest Essay: Why We Won’t Have Results On Election Night - It Takes Time To Count 1.3 Million Mail-In Ballots - Acting PA Secretary Of State

-- MCall - Paul Muschick: PA’s Overpaid Lawmakers Did 2 Really Good Things  Before They Quit For The Year, But Left A Lot Hanging

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