Friday, October 28, 2022

DEP Invites Comments On Substantial Changes To Radon Mitigation Standards Guidance

The Department of Environmental Protection published
notice in the October 29 PA Bulletin of substantial revisions to the Pennsylvania Radon Mitigation Standards Technical Guidance Document outlining how radon mitigators can install mitigation systems.

These standards have not been updated since 1997.  Since the PA RMS was published, additional field experience was gained and additional National radon mitigation standards have been published. 

This prompted a revision of the PA RMS with changes such as configurations to avoid condensation around the fans; suggested sealants and materials that are not permitted as sealants; active sub-slab depressurization systems can be exhausted at ground level instead of the current roofline level; new electrical information was obtained for low voltage and direct current fan use; recommended materials for exterior pipe vents; and the recommendation to consider use of an active radon warning device on the active sub-slab depressurization piping in addition to the U-tube manometer.

Click Here for a copy of the proposed revised technical guidance (DEP: 294-2309-002).

Public comments are due November 28.  Questions should be directed to Robert Lewis at  or (717) 783-9485.

Read the entire PA Bulletin notice for more information.

Visit DEP’s Radon Division webpage to learn more about the Radon Program in Pennsylvania.

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[Posted: October 28, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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