Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Senate Appropriations Set To Consider $106.6 Million In Annual ‘Forever’ Taxpayer Subsidies For Use Of Natural Gas, Hydrogen

Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to meet today and could consider an amendment to House Bill 1059 that would provide $106.6 million in annual taxpayer subsidies to manufacturing and other businesses that use natural gas and hydrogen in their operations forever into the future.

Called the Pennsylvania Economic Development For A Growing Economy (PA Edge) Tax Credits, the amendment would provide--

-- $50 million annually for using natural gas or “clean hydrogen” as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy in manufacturing;

-- Increase the current tax credit for using natural gas to make petrochemicals or fertilizer from $26,666,668 to $56,666,668 annually;

-- $20 million in tax credits annually to support semiconductor & biomedical manufacturing; and

-- $15 million in tax credits annually to support milk processing facilities.

As drafted in this version of the amendment, the tax credits would continue annually forever.

Click Here for a copy of one version of the amendment.

It seems clear the tax credits are an attempt to try to make natural gas competitive again through taxpayers subsidies after U.S. and Pennsylvania natural gas prices have increased dramatically as a result of their link to world energy markets.

As national business media have reported, natural gas drillers have been focused on keeping natural gas prices high to reward their investors with significant profits.  Read more here.

Range Resources just announced Tuesday it will be cutting back to one drilling rig in 2023 to keep production flat or only slightly growing and limiting capital expenditures.  Read more here.

The Senate Appropriations Committee will hold its meeting off the floor, meaning there is no set time for the meeting.  It will be held in the Senate Chamber and is available online.

(Photos: Be ready for the development of much more natural gas infrastructure across Pennsylvania, courtesy of Bob Donnan.)


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[Posted: October 26, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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