Friday, August 26, 2022

New PA Parks & Forests Foundation Video: Forests, Clean Water And Craft Beverages? Yes!

When you think about the growing craft beverage industry in Pennsylvania, you might not think about Pennsylvania’s forest ecosystems. Yet forests play a critical role in water quality–the primary ingredient in most beverages.

The PA Parks and Forests Foundation is excited to announce the release of a video showcasing the vital impact of forested ecosystems on water quality.

Forests provide food and habitat for wildlife, clean the air, improve human health, and reduce flooding. They also protect and enhance water quality.

Marci Mowery, President of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation, says, “There are nearly 17 million acres of forest in Pennsylvania, of which 2.2 million acres of forest is state forest. Data supports the fact that forest ecosystems improve water quality.”

“Forests are critical for clean water. They protect streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs by providing shade, absorbing pollutants, and reducing erosion and runoff,” says Teddi Stark, Watershed Forestry Manager for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “Forested watersheds tend to have better water quality and reduce the amount of energy, labor, and financial investments needed in the water treatment processes.” 

Clean water is crucial to the craft beverage industry, one of Pennsylvania’s fastest-growing industries–an industry that is not only contributing to Pennsylvania’s economy but is also helping to create local destinations and build upon the tourism industry.

The video explores the relationship between craft beverages and clean water through interviews with brewers at New Trail Brewing Company of Williamsport, Pa. and Stick City Brewing Company of Mars, Pa., conversation with a Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Water Quality Specialist, and the CEO of Capital Region Water.

Mike Larosa from New Trail Brewing, says, “We chose Williamsport, PA for several reasons and one of the reasons was water quality. We are in a valley, so surrounding us are a number of state-owned parks and forests. We know that longevity of those forests, the amount of old-growth trees, and riparian forest buffers are extremely important to filtering the surface water run-off which eventually gets to us.”

Nick Salkeld from Stick City Brewing adds, “Beer enthusiasts absolutely should care about our state forests and parks. The less that has to be done to the water when we make a beer, the better.”

Charlotte Katzenmoyer, CEO of Captial Region Water, which provides clean drinking water for 60,000 residents and businesses in the city of Harrisburg and its surrounding municipalities via the Dehart Dam reservoir, says “the forested hills that surround the reservoir act as a sponge and help ensure that pollutants aren’t washed into the reservoir. The forest cover protects the high quality of this water source, stabilizing the surrounding shoreline and reducing erosion and runoff of sediment and other pollutants.”

Teddi Stark sums up the video’s message, “Forests are extremely critical if we want to have clean water. If we plant forests where forests can do the most good and protect streams, rivers, and other water bodies, we will be doing a great thing for all Pennsylvanians.”

Click Here to watch the video.

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The Foundation and their 48 chapters mobilize 65,000 volunteers annually to steward YOUR state parks and forests.

How Clean Is Your Stream?

Check DEP’s 2022 Water Quality Report to find out how clean streams are near you.

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