Monday, August 22, 2022

Ned Smith Center For Nature & Art Hosts Unique By Nature - Diverse By Design Exhibit By Jerry Hassinger

Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art in Dauphin County will host an exhibit of digital art photos on canvas called Unique By Nature - Diverse By Design by Jerry Hassinger through October 16.

From his own backyard to the Grand Canyon, Jerry Hassinger, a Northern Dauphin County native, has roamed field, forest, lake and stream for 80 years, most of which have been accompanied by a camera. 

Jerry classifies himself as an artistic conservation/education photographer and a nature snooper. 

Driven by a need to help conserve the natural world, his “nature” is to explore, find, create, interpret and share. 

To this end and since 2017, Jerry has produced a well-illustrated, monthly Wildlifer’s Journal (available via email only), which in some respects is a more recent version of Ned Smith’s 1971 book “Gone for the Day.”

About this exhibit, Jerry notes: “A camera, computer and Corel Paint Shop Pro help me record and communicate what nature and humanity creates. All this photo-art is original. Some are traditional as-is photos. Others are composites consisting of elements from two or more photos combined. A few composites consist of a large dose of imagination and digital technology gone wild. My experience and curiosity, and my life-long love of wild things and wild places combined with the slower pace that comes with age, help me to take a closer look. I notice things.” 

“In addition to portraits that emphasize the intricacy and beauty of a single species, together these photo-art pieces contain elements of beauty, humor, nostalgia, fun, wonder and maybe even your own neighborhood. If they arouse your curiosity and encourage you to get out and take a closer look; great!” 

All proceeds from the sale of Jerry Hassinger’s original photo-art will be donated to support the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art’s Education Department which strives to inspire and educate all generations to explore, understand, love and conserve wild things and wild places.

For more information, visit the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art website.

[Posted: August 22, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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