Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Sign On To The REAL Energy Freedom For Pennsylvania Petition To PA Lawmakers

PA Solar Center is inviting residents to sign the Energy Freedom For Pennsylvania Petition to let legislators know that it's finally time for Pennsylvania to diversify our energy market with more renewables that will stabilize electricity prices, protect us from volatile price swings of fossil fuels, and create a more reliable grid.

The Public Utility Commission recently announced that all of the state’s public utilities raised their electricity prices by large margins ranging from 8% to 44% because "higher wholesale market prices for electricity, fueled in large part by shifts in supply and demand for natural gas, have increased purchasing costs for electric distribution companies (EDCs) and thus driven up many PTCs (Price to Compare)."  [Read more here.]

Natural gas already dominates our electricity mix at close to 50% and it is predicted to grow its share to 70% by 2030, while renewables are at less than 4% in Pennsylvania. 

Increasing renewables will bring diversity to the mix and help to protect ratepayers from huge price spikes as a result of geopolitical tensions in Europe. 

Once we get solar to 5% of the mix, there is benefit to all customers as it starts to decrease electricity prices for everyone.

Text Of Petition

Recent world events have shown that America and Pennsylvania need to protect ourselves from rising energy prices. 

Dependence on any one kind of energy is dangerous. To keep prices down, Pennsylvania needs to diversify its energy market.

We can only find true energy freedom by expanding solar energy, as well as smart technology that keeps America powered even when the sun isn't shining.

Farms, businesses, schools, local governments, faith communities, and homeowners are taking the power of solar and renewable energy into their own hands. They are becoming energy independent.  

Join us now in telling Pennsylvania legislators that it's time for energy freedom.

Click Here to sign the petition.

The Pennsylvania Solar Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit effort to raise the awareness of the benefits of solar energy in Pennsylvania. Click Here to sign up for regular updates.

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[Posted: June 22, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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