Wednesday, June 22, 2022

House Republicans Pass Bill Giving IRRC Veto Over Final Regulations; Stacking The IRRC

On June 22, House Republicans passed 
House Bill 2649 (Grove-R-York) by a vote of party line 110 to 89 that would amend the Regulatory Review Act to add two more legislative appointments by the Senate and House Majority Leaders to the five member Independent Regulatory Review Commission giving a majority of appointments to the Senate and House.

The existing five positions on the IRRC are appointed by the Majority and Minority Leaders of the Senate and House and the Governor.

The bill would also give the IRRC new authority to block promulgation of final regulations if a simple majority of the Commission votes to disapprove a regulation.

If the IRRC approves a final regulation, the Senate and House have the opportunity to block publication by passing a concurrent resolution and presenting it to the Governor for action under the existing process.

The bill is part of a multi-year initiative to find new ways to kill regulations, beyond the obvious-- actually passing a law and having the Governor sign it.

The bill now goes to the Senate for action.

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[Posted: June 22, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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