Friday, June 24, 2022

New Muhlenberg Poll Finds 77% Of Pennsylvanians Believe Climate Change Is A Serious Problem; 55% Believe Human Actions Are To Blame

New Muhlenberg College Pennsylvania Climate and Energy Survey found 77 percent of Pennsylvanians believe climate change is a serious or very serious problem

55 percent believe human activity-- such as burning fossil fuels-- is the reason for the earth getting warmer.  19 percent believe it is from natural patterns and 24 percent believe it’s a combination.

The personal impacts respondents have seen from a changing climate include hotter temperatures, less snow, milder winters, weather generally ‘different,’ and more extreme weather.

The cures?  38 percent of participants said action should be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 26 percent said to use ‘geoengineering’ and other scientific fixes to counter climate change and 11 percent said to learn to adapt.

Natural Gas Development

The poll also asked questions about unconventional shale gas development in the state.  Among the findings--

-- General: 48 percent support or somewhat support natural gas development - down from 54 percent in 2014;

-- Risks From Fracking: 26 percent water contamination [33 percent in 2012]; 14 percent general environmental damage [6 percent in 2012]; 7 percent groundwater/well contamination [9 percent in 2012]; 6 percent public health & safety [9 percent in 2012]; and 2 percent air quality [6 percent in 2012].

-- Risks To Water Resources: 67 percent strongly or somewhat agree drilling is a major risk to water resources.

-- Benefits of Natural Gas Production: 28 percent energy independence; 22 percent economic benefits; 18 percent no benefits from fracking; 12 percent reduces energy costs; 11 percent reduces carbon emissions.

-- More Benefits Than Costs?  44 percent believe more benefits, 40 percent more problems, 14 percent about equal

-- Who Should Control Where Drilling Is Located? 31 percent state; 26 percent private decisions; 25 percent local; 17 percent federal

-- Raising Taxes On Natural Gas Drillers: 48 percent strongly or somewhat agree; 49 percent strongly or somewhat disagree

Click Here for a complete copy of the poll results.

[Posted: June 24, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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