Wednesday, April 7, 2021

2021 Virtual TreeVitalize Partners Conference Set For May 5 & May 12

By Vincent Cotrone, Penn State Extension Urban Forester

2021 TreeVitalize Partners Virtual Conference – Envisioning a Just Future in Community Forests - will be held May 5 and May 12 to explore diversity, inclusion, and justice in community forestry.

Trees are vital to the health, wealth and climate resiliency of all people who live in cities. Trees also cool homes, which reduces heat-related illnesses and utility costs, lower flood risk, and increase wealth by creating tree-related career opportunities. 

But a map of tree cover in American cities often illustrates vast differences between neighborhoods. 

Trees are often sparse in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods and as well as neighborhoods of color. 

Increasing tree canopy throughout our communities is not just an environmental issue, it impacts human health and well being. Community tree canopy ensures that everyone benefits from trees that provide people with clean air and water.

The 2021 TreeVitalize Partners Conference – Envisioning a Just Future in Community Forests - is an online panel-style conference that will bring together partners working in community forestry on May 5 to 12 at noon to explore a theme of diversity, inclusion, and justice in community forestry. 

The panels will focus on agencies, organizations, and practitioners who are creating solutions for people and communities. 

The panel discussions will help encourage and inspire solutions and strategies that can help you address issues facing your own community. 

You will leave these discussions seeing how goals for justice, diversity, and inclusion serve both people and the environment.

The first panel on May 5 titled People and Place: United Under Environmental Justice will feature speakers from the USDA Forest Service and explore factors impacting environmental decision making.

The second panel on May 12 titled Justice in Motion: Equitable Community Practices will feature speakers discussing the principles and practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the land conservation movement, and tools and strategies to achieve tree equity.

Partners that are working to bring this conference to our communities are the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry, Penn State Department of Ecosystem Sciences and Management, Penn State Extension, USDA Forest Service, Western PA Conservancy, Tree Pennsylvania, PA Horticultural Society,  

Click Here to register and for more information.

For more information on tree planting programs, visit DCNR’s TreeVitalize webpage.

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[Posted: April 7, 2021]  PA Environmental Digest

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