Thursday, April 29, 2021

Brodhead Watershed Assn.: Get Your Family Outdoors Again At Woodland Trail, Monroe County

The Mount Airy trail network in
Paradise Township, Monroe County offers family-friendly trails with wetlands, creeks, views, native plants and wildlife. A good place to start for children of all ages is Woodland Trail along Forest Hills Run.

The trail is mostly easy and wide — great for little kids and challenging enough for young teens. There is so much to see and learn! With a little imagination, you can engage everyone’s senses, including your own.

Ask the kids to listen for the bubbly chuckling sound of fast water tumbling over river rocks. Did you know that this little creek starts in Mount Pocono, and its water eventually joins the Atlantic Ocean? 

Tell the kids to lift their faces and feel the warm sun on their closed eyes and skin. How different it is in May from the cold, white sun of winter! Then open your eyes and look around — native plants from low ferns to enormous hemlocks are everywhere. 

Crush a wintergreen leaf between your fingers and hold it to their noses to breathe in that unforgettable smell.

As you start to hear the creek, the trail crosses on giant stepping-stone boulders the kids will love.

After a winter spent cooped up indoors, just being outside raises the spirits; human beings aren’t made to spend whole days with nothing overhead but ceilings! Give Woodland Trail a try — let the kids lead the way, and you might find them asking for more.

If you go.....

Woodland Trailhead is off Woodland Road in Paradise Township. Look for the trailhead sign across from the front entrance to Mount Airy Casino Resort. 

This land is part of approximately 500 acres that are protected forested land under an easement with the township.

Woodland Trail is a “lollipop” loop of about one mile. No facilities, no trash cans. Pack out what you pack in.

Fishing and hunting are not allowed.

Click Here for brochures and a map of this and three more Mount Airy trails.

For a feature story and photos about Woodland Trail, as well as features about other trails throughout the area, go to the Get Outdoors Poconos webpage.

For more information on programs, initiatives and other upcoming events, visit the Brodhead Watershed Association website or Follow them on FacebookClick Here to sign up for regular updates from the Association.  Click Here to become a member.

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