Saturday, February 20, 2021

DEP Invites Comments On Alternative Restoration Plan For Hammer Creek Headwaters In Lebanon County, Upstream Of Speedwell Forge Lake

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice in the February 20 PA Bulletin inviting comments on a
proposed Alternative Restoration Plan for the Hammer Creek Headwaters in Lebanon County.  (PA Bulletin, page 967)

There is significant public interest in restoring this watershed due to its potential as a wild trout fishery, as well as to prevent excessive sedimentation going downstream into Speedwell Forge Lake in Lancaster County

Speedwell Lake is a 106-acre impoundment owned by the Fish and Boat Commission for public fishing and boating.

The alternative plan is being proposed in the place of the development of a Total Maximum Daily Load Plan in this watershed, DEP said, because it not only sets a pollution reduction goal, but it also lays out a comprehensive plan for restoration.

The water quality impairments to be addressed in the plan are caused by excessive siltation due to agriculture. 

DEP said it plans on partnering with the Doc Fritchey of Trout Unlimited as primary stakeholders to implement the plan.

An analysis of Best Management Practice (BMP) opportunities in the watershed indicated that sediment loading could be reduced far beyond the reduction goals. 

Key BMPs included agricultural erosion and sedimentation plan implementation, use of precision grass filter strips along drainageways, streambank stabilization/restoration, the use of conservation tillage and the use of riparian buffers.

Click Here for a copy of the proposed Plan.

Public comments are due March 22.  Questions should be directed to Michael Morris by email to:

Read the entire PA Bulletin notice for more information.  (PA Bulletin, page 967)

[Posted: February 20, 2021]  PA Environment Digest

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