Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Creating A Collaborative Water Resource Network In Southwestern PA; Water Stakeholders GIS Map

The Water Center at the University of Pennsylvania has worked for the past six months interviewing, capturing and subsequently analyzing the approaches, successes, challenges and lessons learned of eight water resource networks across the United States. 

The final publication 'Best Practices for the Formation of a Collaborative Water Resource Network in SW PA', covers everything from suggested timelines for network creation outreach and design, to best practices for maintenance and facilitation of the network, to strategies for ongoing outreach and sustaining network momentum. 

The Center hopes this work will be useful not only to our partners and collaborators in Southwestern Pennsylvania, but for any emergent collaborative water network nationwide.  

They would like to thank representatives of the eight networks for sharing their time and expertise with us. 

SW PA Water Stakeholder Map

The Water Center has also published an interactive online map displaying the geographical headquarters or, where possible, the service boundaries of a large number of water resource stakeholders in Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

The map is intended to promote collaboration across both geographical and sectoral boundaries by alerting people to who is doing what, where and how to contact them. 

Since publication, the map has been accessed 672 times, speaking to the apparent usefulness of this tool.  We hope it supports more productive water collaborations in the region.

The map, currently hosted by our great partners at Three Rivers QUEST, is a living resource, and as such we welcome your feedback, ideas, additions and corrections. 

Please take a moment to view the map here, and direct any questions or feedback to Corey Wills at

For more information, visit the The Water Center at the University of Pennsylvania website.  Click Here to sign up for updates from the Center.

Questions about the Southwest Pennsylvania Project should be directed to Alison De Luise: or Karl Russek:   

(Reprinted from the October newsletter from The Water Center, University of Pennsylvania.  

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[Posted: October 28, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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