Monday, August 24, 2020

Sen. Yaw Among State, National Leaders Pledging To Keep Country Dominant Natural Gas Producer

On August 24, Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming), Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, joined with The Empowerment Alliance (TEA), as well as hundreds of elected officials, including senators, congressmen, governors, and attorneys general, in signing the Declaration of Energy Independence a commitment to an affordable, clean, abundant, and secure approach to U.S. energy production.
The Lycoming County Republican signed the pledge to keep the United States’ energy industry dominant amid the coronavirus pandemic and the consequential economic downturn.
Sen. Yaw, who has been an early supporter of the natural gas industry, and represents the heart of the Marcellus Shale region, has authored numerous bills enhancing Pennsylvania’s position as a global energy leader.
“In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Pennsylvania has maintained its position as the second largest natural gas producer in the United States,” Sen. Yaw said. “Production of our region’s natural gas has created thousands of jobs across the Commonwealth, delivered home energy savings for consumers, and provided a clean energy source to better the environment. We must ensure that continues.”
In addition to sponsoring legislation to expand natural gas access to under-served and unserved areas of the state, Sen. Yaw has most recently authored a bill to place decisions regarding restrictions on the use of natural gas in housing and commercial development projects solely within the purview of the state. Read more here.
“This will further ensure that all Pennsylvania businesses and homeowners have the opportunity to access Pennsylvania natural gas,” Sen. Yaw added. “This legislation will be a step forward in developing a statewide energy policy addressing all forms.”
TEA’s Declaration of Energy Independence represents a commitment to the following four principles that will help power America’s economy for everyone over the next century and beyond:
-- Affordable Energy for Our Families. From the jobs created to lower utility bills and cleaner air, affordable energy is fundamental to economic prosperity for all. It is a moral imperative to provide for families who are most vulnerable to increases in their energy budgets. 
-- Clean Energy for Our Environment. We lead the world, by a wide margin, in cutting CO2 emissions. America’s natural gas is the fiscally-sound, reliable and environmentally responsible bridge to our energy future. 
-- Abundant Energy for Our Future. Technology and exploration have guaranteed that America has a continuous 100-year supply of natural gas and the potential for even more. 
-- Domestic Energy for Our Security. The use of domestic natural gas discovered, produced, and refined in the U.S. makes certain America is no longer dependent on rapidly changing global markets and unstable or hostile countries.
For more information about TEA’s grassroots network, visit the Blue Energy Nation website.
Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming) serves as Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Committee and can be contacted by calling 717-787-3280 or sending email to:
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