Monday, August 24, 2020

PA American Water Urges Customers Under Drought Watch To Use Water Wisely

On August 24, PA American Water urged its customers in eight counties to voluntarily reduce their water consumption in support of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s drought watch declaration for 16 Pennsylvania counties
While the company encourages its customers to always use water wisely, Pennsylvania American Water is asking residents and businesses in Armstrong, Butler, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Fayette, Indiana and McKean counties to reduce their individual water usage by five percent in accordance with DEP’s guidance.
“We’re asking our customers to observe the DEP’s request and be mindful of their non-essential water use during this drought watch, while we vigilantly monitor our drinking water sources,” said E. Christopher Abruzzo, director of water quality and environmental compliance for Pennsylvania American Water. “Our sources of supply are currently adequate to meet the needs of our customers, but we want to mitigate the potential for more severe conditions that could lead to stricter conservation measures later this summer and into the fall.”
DEP issued the drought declaration on August 21, with the support of the Commonwealth Drought Task Force, based on data related to stream flow gauges, groundwater levels, precipitation and soil moisture as well as information from public water suppliers. 
According to DEP, a drought watch declaration is the first and least severe level of the state’s three drought classifications.
Pennsylvania American Water offers the following tips for conserving water inside and outside your home:
-- Run dishwashers and clothes washers only when they are full. If you have a water-saver cycle, use it.
-- Regularly check your toilet, faucets, and pipes for leaks with our free leak detection kits. If you find a leak, have it fixed as soon as possible. 
-- Install water-saving showerheads, toilets and faucet aerators.
-- Consider water and energy-efficient appliances. Products and services that have earned the WaterSense label have been certified to be at least 20 percent more efficient without sacrificing performance.
-- Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing dishes in the sink.
-- Water your lawn only when it needs it. When you do, water in the early morning or evening to reduce evaporation.
-- Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your sidewalk, driveway or patio.
Pennsylvania American Water offers multiple water conservation resources in the Wise Water Use section of its website. 
It also is a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, which developed an online Water Use Calculator that allows you to input water use information specific to your household and offers tips on where you can save water and energy based on that data.
In response to this drought watch, the company is launching a special social media water conservation campaign to promote wise water use. Get daily conservation tips all week long by following Pennsylvania American Water on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
For more information, visit the PA American Water website.
Find more detailed information on Pennsylvania’s drought declarations, visit DEP’s Drought Declaration Status webpage.
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