Saturday, August 29, 2020

Rodale Institute Celebrates Organic Pioneer Month With 2020 Winners Of The Organic Pioneer Awards

Join Rodale Institute in Berks County to celebrate a virtual Organic Pioneer Month with the 2020 winners of its Organic Pioneer Awards.
Every year, Rodale Institute celebrates the organic movement’s rich history and bright future by honoring three change-making individuals at our annual fundraiser.
This year's award winners are:
-- Dr. Tyrone Hayes, integrative biologist famous for his research on the effects of the herbicide atrazine on amphibians and public health.
-- Katherine DiMatteo, former Executive Director of the Organic Trade Association who was instrumental in creating the organic standard.
-- Lundberg Family Farms, third-generation organic rice producer that has been farming organically since 1937 in California.
Organic Pioneer Month kicks off September 1, with special digital content, an exclusive live panel discussion, and a raffle that will transport you right to the birthplace of the movement.
For more information on programs, initiatives, research and other upcoming events, visit the Rodale Institute website or follow them on Facebook.
(Photos: Dr. Hayes, Katherine DiMatteo, Lundberg Family.)
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