Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Upcoming Virtual Programs, In-Person And More From Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Wildlands Conservancy, Delaware Highlands Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy-PA

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Delaware Highlands Conservancy, Wildlands Conservancy and The Nature Conservancy-PA continue to offer a variety of virtual wildlife and conservation educational experiences for all ages to enjoy.
But also check out their upcoming events calendars for more in-person events as COVID-19 restrictions are eased-- with appropriate social distancing precautions of course.

However you feel comfortable experiencing nature-- virtual or in-person-- these and other groups in Pennsylvania can help!

The Nature Conservancy-PA

Unfortunately you missed the Nature Conservancy-PA’s  TNC Coffee webinar on June 25 on Climate change and Weather with Eric Finkenbinder and Dan Tomaso, meteorologists from ABC27 TV who will discuss local weather events and climate change.

However-- Click Here for announcements of new programs in this series and to watch previous ones.

Visit the Nature Conservancy-PA website for more information on other upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Wildlands Conservancy 

Unfortunately you missed learning more about the birds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators during the June 27 Backyard Birds Part 3 - Landscaping For Birds Program from the Wildlands Conservancy.

Lehigh Valley Audubon Society Vice President Barbara Malt talked about what we can do in our yards to attract more birds and help out the ones we have. The focus will be on native plants. We’ll end the program by meeting a live education bird!

Click Here for more upcoming events from the Conservancy.

Delaware Highlands Conservancy

Go on a Virtual Native Plants Walk with the Delaware Highlands Conservancy at the 458-acre Long Swamp property in Delaware Township, Pike County, at Camp Speers YMCA. Walk along with us and learn about this unique boreal bog and the fascinating plants and wildlife found there.

Click Here to walk along!  Click Here for more upcoming events from the Conservancy.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Water! Water is vital to us, and all life on Earth. Learn fun facts about water, and the many things you can do to help keep water clean.

Students and people of all ages can join the Sanctuary staff on July 1 at 1:00 p.m. to learn  more about water and keeping it clean.

Click Here to register.  Click Here for more virtual programs from the Sanctuary.

At-Home Environmental Ed

Click Here for more At-Home Environmental Ed Ideas

Send Your At-Home Environmental Ed Ideas To:

Enjoy The Outdoors!

It’s summer, you can also get out and enjoy the outdoors and the many recreational opportunities Pennsylvania has to offer!

Check out the Get Outdoors PA, Explore PA Trails, DCNR - State Parks & Forests and the VISIT PA websites to see what’s nearby!

[Posted: June 24, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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