Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Spring Migration Raptor Count 30% Above 10 Year Average

On June 30,
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary reported the 2020 Spring Migration Count was different than any experienced before.  The count was 30 percent above the 10-year average with notably higher counts of turkey vultures and broad-winged hawks. Counts of bald eagles also were above average.
Several species had below average counts including black vulture, northern harrier, and sharp-shinned hawk.

As a research facility Hawk Mountain Sanctuary was deemed essential and the long-term spring count could continue, but with social distancing and limited contact. 

Despite the lonely days on the lookout, the 2020 Spring Count was a success. The Count tallied 1,269 raptors of 14 species from April 1 through May 15.

A non-migrant brought some excitement to the lookout near the end of the count. On May 12, an adult Mississippi kite flew low over North Lookout heading down ridge in a southwest direction. 

This is only the 7th spring record of Mississippi kite for the Sanctuary!

Non-raptor Migrants

Raptor flights waned after May 2, with most daily counts less than 10 birds, but songbird flights picked up. A large flight of black-and-white warblers occurred on May 3 with 28, including 10 in one tree. Songbird flights continued through the end of the count with tree and barn swallows and yellow-rumped warblers seen almost daily.

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[Posted: June 30, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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