Friday, May 29, 2020

State Fire Commissioner Accepting Applications For Act 13 Fire Company, EMS Grants

On May 29, State Fire Commissioner Bruce Trego announced today the application period for 2020 Act 13 Unconventional Gas Well Fund Grants will open June 1.  The deadline for applications is July 31.
Fire companies, rescue companies and emergency medical services throughout the 40 counties in which unconventional gas wells are located, or counties that directly border those counties, are eligible to apply for the grants.
Eligible projects in accordance with the 2020 UGWF Grant Program provided by the Act 13 of 2012, include development, delivery and sustainment of training, professional certification or the acquisition of specialized equipment for emergency responses relating to natural gas production from unconventional gas wells.
Eligible projects include:
-- Obtaining professional national certification of members.
-- Purchase of firefighting, emergency medical, rescue or air monitoring equipment used at or related to an unconventional gas well pad incident on, or related to, an unconventional gas well pad.  All equipment purchased through the Program will also include training on the equipment provided by the PSFA at no additional costs to the grant recipient(s).  
-- Training classes and required educational materials to prepare for incidents at an unconventional gas well pad incident or related to the unconventional gas industry.
For more information on fire company and EMS service assistance available, visit the State Fire Commissioner  website.
[Posted: May 29, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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