Friday, May 29, 2020

Bill Expanding Use Of Alternative On-lot Septic Systems On Governor's Desk

Legislation-- Senate Bill 1030-- to allow for the expanded use of alternate on-lot sewage systems for planning purposes is now on the Governor desk for action.
The bill changes the current sewage facilities planning process to allow for the use of alternative on-lot septic systems where traditional systems are not suitable due to soil or geologic conditions.
“Allowing for alternative on-lot systems in the planning process would widen the area to which development can take place and save valuable acreage that could otherwise be used for agriculture,” said Sen Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming), Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.  “This bill will improve water quality in streams and rivers by using systems that have a proven performance record, and, in many cases, are superior to some conventional systems.”
“My firm has been qualifying soil for, and designing, alternate sewage systems in PA for two decades,” said Laurel F. Mueller, Certified Professional Soil Scientist and President of Soil Services Company, Inc. based in Forksville, Sullivan County.  “Alternate systems are needed to adapt to steep landscapes, poorer drainage, and space restrictions. Senate Bill 1030 is to enable DEP to treat alternate technology systems as equal to conventional sewage systems when proposing land development.  It is my hope that this bill cures the absurdity of requiring minor 2-lot subdivisions to file the same expensive level of planning module documents as required of 100-lot subdivisions and commercial land development.”
The PA Septage Management Association president Ned Lang issued this statement on Senate Bill 1030-- “This vote was in the environmental best interest of the Commonwealth.  These alternate systems mean that durable and efficient onlot septic systems will continue to be available to property owners.  Alternate systems are utilized when a geographic or soil consideration makes a conventional system difficult to install.”
Senate Bill 1030 is supported by the PA State Association of Township Supervisors, PA Builders Association, PA Society of Land Surveyors, PA Septage Management Association and the PA State Grange.
Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming) can be contacted by calling 717-787-3280 or sending email to:
[Posted: May 29, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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