Thursday, May 28, 2020

Fish & Boat Commission Accepting Applications For Education Grants To Increase Number Of Anglers, Boaters

On May 28, the Fish and Boat Commission announced applications are now being accepted for a new educational grant program to increase the number of anglers and boaters in Pennsylvania.  The deadline to apply is June 30.
Recipients of grants through this program would support the development and delivery of education programs that contribute to the PFBC’s efforts to increase the number of anglers and boaters. 
Recruiting new participants, retaining existing participants, and reactivating former participants is known as R3. 
The PFBC is engaging in R3 efforts to reduce the number of anglers and boaters whose participation lapses for periods of time, and to increase the diversity of Pennsylvania’s angler and boater population by recruiting and retaining under-represented audiences.   
Education programs play a role in R3 by providing experiences that increase knowledge and skills, facilitate social support, and provide information on angling and boating opportunities close to home. 
The Commission established this grant program to help partnering organizations start new R3 education programs, or to expand their existing efforts. Supporting partners in their efforts to deliver such programming significantly increases the number of learning opportunities provided to current, past and future anglers and boaters.
The R3 Grant will reimburse qualifying organizations up to $25,000 for eligible program expenses for the period ending June 30, 2021. The grants require a minimum of 25 percent cash or in-kind match of staff time and/or other project expenses. 
Requests for amounts greater than $25,000 may be considered, and inquiries should be submitted by email to:  At this time, applications for multi-year grants are not being accepted. 
[Posted: May 28, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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