Friday, January 31, 2020

Updated Agenda Now Available Showing Technical Guidance DEP Is Working On

The Department of Environmental Protection published an update to its Non-Regulatory Agenda showing the technical guidance DEP is now working on to give the public and stakeholders an opportunity to be part of the development process.  (formal notice)
Technical guidance is listed by program with an anticipated schedule for public review and agency contact people.  
Some of the highlights include these guidance documents an likely schedule for consideration--
Public Participation
-- Public Participation In Development Of Regulations, Technical Guidance - Draft, 1st Quarter 
-- Environmental Justice Public Participation Policy - Final, 1st Quarter
-- Water Quality Certification Of Natural Gas Pipelines - Final, 2nd Quarter
-- Historical & Museum Commission/DEP Permit Coordination - Final, 4th Quarter
Air Quality
-- Air Quality Permit Review Protocol - Draft, 3rd Quarter
-- Air Quality permit Exemptions - Draft, 2nd Quarter
Coal Mining
-- Surface Water Protection From Underground Mining - Draft, 4th Quarter
-- Engineering Manual For Mining Operations - Draft, 3rd Quarter
-- Civil Penalty Assessments - Final, 4th Quarter
Dam Safety & Encroachments
-- Establishing A System For Valuing Compensation For Mitigation - Final, 3rd Quarter
-- In-Lieu Fee Program Mitigation Compensation - Interim-Final, 1st Quarter
-- Implementation of Act 162 Buffer, Related Requirements - Final, 3rd Quarter
Drinking Water
-- Lead & Copper Rule Working Guide - Final, 2nd Quarter
-- Safe Drinking Water Field-Related Compliance - Draft, 4th Quarter
-- Requirements for Transient Noncommunity Water Systems - Draft, 2nd Quarter
-- Noncommunity System Design Standards - Draft, 4th Quarter
-- Community System Design Standards - Draft, 2nd Quarter
Land Recycling
-- Use of Caps As Engineering Controls - Draft, 1st Quarter
-- Historic Pesticide Use On Agricultural Lands - Draft, 2nd Quarter
Oil & Gas
-- Civil Penalty Assessment - Draft, 2nd Quarter
-- Implementing Area Of Review For Permits - Final, 4th Quarter
-- Replacement, Restoration of Water Supplies Impacting By Drilling - Final, 1st Quarter
-- Erosion & Sedimentation, Stormwater Management At Drilling Sites - Draft, 4th Quarter
Radiation Protection
-- Radioactivity Monitoring At Solid Waste Facilities - Final, 3rd Quarter
-- Radiation Protection Compliance & Enforcement - Final, 2nd Quarter
Storage Tanks
-- Evaluation of Underground Storage Tank Liners - Final, 1st Quarter
-- Closure Requirements for Underground Storage Tank Systems - Final, 2nd Quarter
-- Closure Requirements for Aboveground Storage Tank Systems - Final, 2nd Quarter
Water Allocations
-- Water Allocation Permit Application Revisions - Draft, 3rd Quarter
-- Design Standards for Domestic Wastewater Facilities - Draft, 3rd Quarter
-- On-Lot Wastewater Technology Verification Protocol - Final, 3rd Quarter
-- Site Suitability, Alternative Analysis For Onlot Sewage Disposal - Final, 2nd Quarter
-- Manual For Land Application Of Treated Wastewater - Draft, 3rd Quarter
Regulatory Agenda
DEP has a similar Regulatory Agenda which shows the status of regulations in development, going through the public review process, along with an anticipated schedule for public review and agency contact people.
Both Agendas serve as a guide and resource to the regulated community, the public, Department staff and members of the Department's advisory committees regarding the focus of the Department's policy development for the coming year.
Neither of these Agendas are required by law.  They are in addition to all the other public review and notification requirements DEP is required to do for individual advisory committee meetings, public hearings, reviews by the Senate and House environmental committees and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission.
Visit DEP’s Public Participation webpage to learn more.
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