Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Energy Co-op Opens Renewable Natural Gas Program To All PECO, PGW Customers In Southeast

On January 28, the Energy Co-op announced it has opened its Renewable Natural Gas Program for enrollment to all PECO and PGW natural gas consumers in the Philadelphia region.
Renewable natural gas, or RNG, is produced through the decomposition of organic materials at landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and other waste facilities. 
RNG, also known as biogas or biomethane, can be used as utility fuel in the same ways as conventional natural gas, providing for the heating and other energy needs of homeowners, businesses, and industry.
“Offering Philadelphians the option to heat their homes and cook with RNG not only helps reduce drilling and fracking, both in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, but it serves as an incentive to facility operators to capture and put waste gas to good use,” said The Energy Co-op’s Executive Director Ronald Fisher.  
In connection with expanding availability of RNG enrollment, The Energy Co-op is also offering a special promotion to members of Weavers Way, the well-known food cooperative that founded The Energy Co-op in 1979. 
Since then, the energy cooperative became the first supplier of renewable electricity in southeastern Pennsylvania in 1999 and the first supplier of RNG in 2015. 
"We are very excited about renewing our relationship with Weavers Way, our parent cooperative. For years it has been a leader among its peers in promoting community sustainability," said Fisher. “We’re looking forward to expanding the ways we work together with our friends there toward that common goal.”
For more information, visit the Energy Co-op’s Renewable Natural Gas Program  webpage.
[Posted: January 28, 2020] PA Environment Digest

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